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With natural fairness and anti marks herbal actives like Barberry, Mulberry and Turmeric, JOKUSE Fairness Cream visibly and significantly reduces skin pigmentation, diminishes skin spots, marks and hyper- pigmented areas, making skin complexion visibly lighter, more even toned and markedly radiant.

It's natural sunscreens also protects skin from UV Rays induced skin darkening and skin spots

Key Ingredients: Extracts of Mulberry, Barberry and Turmeric.

Directions: For visible and assured results, apply JOCOSE Fairness Cream for 3 weeks, twice a day and whenever you go out in sun.

Pack size: 50 ML.

Mac Personal Care Pvt Limited India is one of the leading cosmetics manufacturers and marketers in the beauty products domain. With the arrival of the summer months the sun is scorching over the land. The dry heat and the high intensity of the sunrays not only make your facial skin prone to tanning but also puts blemishes, patches and aggravates pigmentations on the face. In order to counter this beauty condition, Mac Personal Care launched the best fairness skin lightening cream in India, the Jokuse Fairness Cream. It is a herbal product infused with natural cosmetic ingredients like barberry, turmeric and mulberry. This is not just a beauty product but a skin care product also. Like how Jokuse Fairness Cream acts as a fairness skin lightening cream to enhance your skin’s natural tone, put away dark spots & pigments and imparts a natural radiance, similarly it also protects the skin from harmful UV radiations of the sun and keep the face protected from heat wave. It also has antiseptic properties. For optimum result apply the cream for a duration of at least three weeks.

For cleansing your face and shielding it against various skin problems you will need a significant amount of cosmetic items. Applying the cosmetics make your face spotless and revived. So as to give one and all the best facial rejuvenation care, Mac Personal Care Pvt Limited India started manufacturing facial skin care products. We exceed expectations in producing the best natural fairness cream in India. The cream is very effective, tested, skin friendly and affordable. In any case, the item that we are glad to showcase is the Jokuse Fairness Cream, the best natural fairness for this exquisite Jokuse cosmetic product definitely visit Mac Personal Care's online e-commerce portal. The reason Jokuse holds the title of the best natural fairness cream in India is because the product is made for high-quality ingredients and assure results. We have our product spread throughout the households and parlors because it cares for your skin.

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